The clinic is located within The Quarter Jack Surgery and is a registered Yellow Fever centre, we stock most vaccines (such as Rabies, Cholera & Japanese Encephalitis) and we can obtain non-stock vaccines within 48 hours. We also stock malaria tablets and offer non-travel vaccinations for meningitis, chickenpox, flu, hepatitis B for occupational health risks, shingles, and a vaccine preventing cervical cancer & some warts (HPV/Gardasil).

Vaccination Consultations


We ask all our travellers to come to the clinic for a consultation with our travel nurse so we can assess key details about your trip and advise you on appropriate vaccinations.

You will need to complete a travel questionnaire (please give as much information as you can about your trip). You can register and complete your travel plan document online (our preferred option – see link), you will need to know destinations, dates and past immunization history (available from your practice). All documents relating to the clinic can be collected, posted, emailed or downloaded by you for completion.


Wimborne Travel Clinic specialises in immunisations for travel and disease prevention. Our service is professional and personalized and our knowledge is current enabling us to provide protection against many travel associated illnesses including some of the more unusual infections. It would be expected that we provide you with your first vaccinations at your initial consultation.

Malaria Prophylaxis

We offer a complete malaria prevention consultation including bite prevention, medication choices and awareness of the signs and symptoms of the infection. We have the full range of tablets in stock

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