The NHS recently introduced the meningitis B vaccination programme as part of the routine childhood immunisations  The vaccination is given at 2, 4 and 12 months of age.  This vaccination helps protect those who are most at risk of developing Meningitis B.

Wimborne Clinic  recognises that parents may wish to consider the vaccination for their children who are outside the age range for the NHS programme and therefore we are able to provide a private vaccination for those children.


What is Meningitis and who is at risk?

Meningitis is usually caused by a bacteria or virus infection and  occurs when the lining around the brain and spinal cord becomes inflamed.   This most common form is bacterial meningitis which can progress extremely quickly.

Young children, babies and teenagers are most at risk but anyone can get meningitis.  Meningitis is contagious and prolonged contact with someone who has it can spread the bacteria that causes the illness.


Meningitis B Vaccination cost


Children aged under 2 years of age require a course of 3 vaccinations  –  1st vaccination followed by a 2nd at an interval of at least 1 month followed by a 3rd vaccination 12 months from the 1st.

Children 2 years and over require two vaccinations at an interval of 1 month.

The cost of each vaccination is £130.00.    The 1st consultation will incur a one off consultation fee of £10.


Additional Information

It is recommended that your child has 1 dose of calpol half an hour before attending the clinic.  Although this vaccination should not cause too much discomfort, the injected area can become sore and red. Young children may develop a slight fever.


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