A £15 consultation fee is payable (30min. duration) for a travel assessment, with each additional adult from the party attracting a £10 fee if seen together (under 16s pay £5 unless seen on their own).

Prior to the consultation we ask you to complete a travel itinerary form and return it to us before your appointment.  This can be emailed or printed and returned by post/hand.
You can also download the forms here:

WTC Medical Questionnaire 2

Shingles & Other Ailments Form

A short consultation fee of £10 will be levied for a non-travel vaccination assessment.

Subsequent visits for vaccinations do not incur a consultation fee (only the cost of the vaccines etc.)

We offer a high quality, personalised and competitively priced service, the initial consultation is the most important part and as such the consultation fee* is fixed but with the total cost in mind we offer very competitively priced vaccines. Many travel clinics will waive the fee* if vaccinations and/or anti-malarials are supplied on the same day, we offer a different fee structure.

Vaccine Cost  per  Dose
Hepatitis  A  –  Adult £52
Hepatitis  A  –  Child £ 38
Hepatitis  A  +  Typhoid £82
Yellow  Fever          (certificate included) £75
Japanese  B  Encephalitis  * £99
Rabies  *Va £68
Diphtheria/  Tetanus/  Polio £25
Hepatitis  B  –  Adult  *

Occupational Hep B course + Blood test



Hepatitis  B  –  Child  * £20
Flu Vaccination £12.50
Typhoid  Vaccine £26
Typhoid  Tablets £35
Hepatitis  A  +  B  * £55
Hepatitis  A  +  B  –  Child  * £55
Meningitis  ACWY  (Menveo) £55  
Tickborne  Encephalitis  * £50
Tickborne  Encephalitis  –  Child  * £55
Cholera-or   full course = 2 doses* price per dose £40
HPV* £130
Chicken  Pox  per  dose* £50  
MMR*  (we do not offer the single dose vaccine) £30
Meningitis B £130*
Shingles (Zostavax) £150
Pneumonia (Pneumovax) £18                   
*  two  or  more  doses  required


Please note: Prices listed are per dose.

Prices may change but we will honour the price of your vaccine course once you have started.

If a vaccine is available free on the NHS you will be informed and offered the option to obtain it from your registered practice.

Please note: we cannot offer refunds or accept returns on anti-malarial medications.

Additional Services

Service Cost
Yellow  Fever  Exemption  Certificate £10
Yellow  Fever  Duplicate  Certificate £15
BCG Confirmation Letter £10


Blood tests* – Hepatitis B status, Blood Group, HIV, Chicken Pox immunity             For blood tests* please enquire and we will provide a quote to incorporate interpretation of the result.

For more information about Fees and Price List


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